Wednesday, June 16, 2010

KK & GS with MIKA

HELLOOOOOOO my readers
I had an ecstatic time in Singapore ...... everything ... and i mean everything went according to plan .... let me list it down :)
1. I got to meet the people I wanted to meet
2. I got to go onto the skybar ... seeing singapore from the 70th floor of the building was breath-taking !!!
3. I went to HOPE Church , Singapore
4. I went shopping at orchard and bugis
5. I went to the night safari
6. I ate a wonderful Thai Dinner

haha ok now for the details:
I shall now descirbe my lovely partner in crime on this trip . Gina .... my dearest friend has been the greatest pleasure in company. She was extremely positive and bubbly in every single way that just really made my day . We were making jokes along the way at almost everything and commenting on random stuff that passed our way. We even had some serious discussions aobut our lives which really helped me regain the right perspective.
so on the first day ... we arrived in novena square all exhausted by bus but we still had to take a train to my aunt's place in Ang Mo Kio ... which after about an hour of travelling and searching we finally managed to find the place . We were in consideration on whether we wanted to go for night safari on this very night ... we both decided after much contemplation that it was too late to .... I then made second plans by arranging to meet up with joel instead . I invited her along but she said being a third wheeler was no fun ...

well meeting up with joel was rather interesting as the conversations did flow and it was a plus point that he took me up to the Sky Bar ... Man !!! the view was lush ! awesome ! I felt so awestruck being up there . we had drinks , he had a whiskey and i had my usual becks beer . dont worry readers , I did take a pic for you see how the view was . I came back at around 2 in the morning .......

This was my attempt to take of the sky bar

This is THE view outside !!!

some weird itty bitty details ... My aunts house currently had massive construction going on ... you can guess that we didnt have good night's rest ... and also my cousin's house phone alarm went off every day at 7.45 am ... so it was an annoying wake up call every single day . my head pillow was one of those medicinal pillows which i ain't used to so yeah that caused even more disturbance of my sleep .

But that certainly didnt stop us from going to church the next day . We were suppose to go to this church called new creation but after much contemplation and discussions with joel . He discouraged me from going there . So i decided lets visit an old church of mine :) HOPE CHURCH !

Aaaaaa the memories ... the closeness in the congregation and the energetic worship. the sermon the pastor gave was about disciple making and being a disciple maker . and the 3 points i found fascinating were ... do not be a uncritical lover or a unloving critic but be a loving criticI was scanning the crowd in much desperation to find edward ... suddenly my eyes picks out Ivan and i was hoping that edward would be sitting nearby and i was in luck ... i spotted him 3 rows down . we had lunch with edward and we relived the conversations and memories in brisbane ... good times.( in case you guys didnt know me before ... edward was my old crush in brisbane )

Edward :)

Isn't this old man cute ... he knew I was taking his picture

Then after he left us ... we met up with Gina;s friend Andrea . She was a lovely girl who worked at the botanical gardens .. We had loads of conversations on relationships and it turned out great seeing as we all helped out each other in this aspect . I took away something from this conversation and actually for once see the amount of faults in my relationship with Tim ... So the chances of me going back to tim has even shorten further . I dont really want to think about it anymore. I guess it does happens .. Time does heal all wounds

After leaving Andrea ... we went to the NIGHT SAFARI !
Fire-breathing shows ! tonnes of animals ! when we went on the leopard trail it really felt exciting ... looking for the animals in the dark and I am glad Gina really enjoyed herself seeing as it was her first time there . I went to night safari when i was younger .. i remember parts of it but not much .. this trip certainly puts a solid memory on what night safari is like.

then came monday !!! the big day :)

We went to bugis to shop for part of the morning then raffles place to have lunch with my dear couz ke xian . She treated us to siew yoke and char siew rice which tasted delicious . Am glad that Gina and her hit off pretty well . We then went home for a rest before making out way to the concert .
I am speechless at the crowds for MIKA ... There were so many ..... people ! A lot of white people ! very very enthusiasthic people . It was really artistic !!! I loved the colours and the graphics projected on stage . The pictures, images and cartoons used were very imaginative . The use of props were even cute ! He had a huge rag doll made where he cuddled up to during the lolipop song , a huge leg with a high heel shoe during the big girls song . And funny looking ghost that came out and danced around . Besides that , you know how it is when artist sing live they dont sound as good as they do on their recordings ? MIKA gave it his all ! He sounded lush ! and fantastic ! He really had talent :) I bought myself a MIKA shirt :) I am in love ......

The Big ole shoe .. Me love it !


Saturday, June 12, 2010

weeeeee :)

BELOW ...........................

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the different dreams

For the past week i have had some vivd dreams obviously this is something to blog about :)

I dreamt about my ex during one of the days , all i remember from that dream was that there was a chance of us getting back together and there were loads of text messages tellig me that it was up to me whether we could be back togther. nd there were a lot of lovey dovey messagesI woke up feeling rather confused after that cause everytime i try to forget about him something always pops back up to haunt me about him again.

The next dream was set in a typical chinese war setting . This other girl and I were suppose to be spies of the ..... Jesus army . I have no idea why it was called that when we were in China. But the army was white and easily identifiable seeing as they had a certain glow about them too. so this girl and I were travelling up this road towards the enemy's territory to watch what their next move was. It seemed that they had performed executions on people who didnt want to tell them the location of the Jesus Army. It was a gruesome sight. We both have this coins that could feel the presence of the Jesus army and it would tell the exact location. We were discovered but the soldiers didnt really care about us since we were both just little girls. Then we felt a vision telling us not to worry that Jesus would protect us. We then found a horse and started riding away and I woke up.
Another dream was that in my own house there were 8 snakes and my mom came and woke me up. But i found i was still in a dream. and my mom continued telling me that there was a snake in my bed. i ran out of the house holding my tooth brush and went to the neighbour's house where i asked for permission to stay until the snakes were removed. Then i started brushing my teeth and the reporters came with the fire brigade. When they tried to interview me i was halfway brushng my teeth so they went away and didnt come back after that. THere was an annoucement saying they were all tken away. But once i got back there were 4 more. Hannah Machin was brave enough though to use a bat to hit all four of them . After that iguanas started appearing out of no where so i started runningon the back lnae of myself .... i woke up after that pretty freaked out.
Just yesterday I dreamt that i was actually already married and had a son . My son , husband and I were on vacation somewhere by the beach but i dont remember anything else of it. This dream was more detailed in the sense that my husband of a white race nd well yeah obviously our son had both genes. But yeah thats about what i remember of this dream
Well i dont know what these dreams mean but they certainly was an experience. You guys can comment and give me suggestons ...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a date with girl :D

Having been stuck home for the last few weeks and only leaving the house just to go to church or to do something my family , I finally got to spend a bit of gurl-time with my darling yuyi :)
So.... what happens when two gurls are together ? * drum roll * .........
you guessed it ! Shopping, gossip , eating !!!!!!!!!
Brought yuyi to bangsar area where we spent time shopping at catwhiskers & little black book ( great outlets by the way , girls who read this take this opportunity to go shop there ; its cheap and nice )
And as usual ....... we both bought stuff ...... each 2 dresses :) which i am very proud of !
I really felt in the mood to spulrge so I decided for us to go and eat in La Bodega . *thumbs up * the pictures will do the talking

The interiors

Yuyi's health drink : consisted of bananas , papayas & pineapples...
frankly it wasn't that nice

Good Ole' Carslberg ( never fails me )

Yuyi's dinner : Smoke salmon with salad and some sauce which was delish !

My Angel Hair Pasta with Lamb balls , olives and pumpkin with cheese sauce. I really love it its yummy :)

to update you on the previous post ... that annoying person did not get back to me and therefore shattered any hopes of making my life a little more interesting this month. So I have decided that this isnt the right time anyway to be with the opposite sex. I shall wait until i am in a more stable position to do so and grow up individually further, to be more independant and matured.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Waitting ...

The feeling of waitting always leaves us uneasy and uncomfortable. The anticipation of something on whether it would happen or not pushes us to a place that for everyone it feels different. Some people feel the rush of excitement , others just fidget around trying to fill their time not to think about it.

This generation of people has been thrown into an instantaneous world where most of the time we don't have to wait very long for stuff to happen . Come from instant messages, to email, to mobile phones , fast food restaurants..... just about anything is instant nowadays. But when it happens, it makes us tick and we get frustrated. Where has all the patience gone ... The days when people used to wait upon a single letter from their loved one who was involved in the war. Or a single sentence telegram informing their love ones about their well - being.

Personally, being a born into this generation has made me realized how impatient i can get and that with waitting it does help you grow more as a person.

* take deep breathes in * I need to calm down ... assurance to myself ... it will happen ... it will happen

Monday, March 01, 2010


readers ...

its been 365 days since that dreadful day happen. having to go through all the emotions and heartaches as well as longing certainly can change a whole person. but i guess not being together was a good decision for me and him to grow up even more to become better for the next person we are going to be with . the significant dates last month and today have actually messed up my system and my line of thought completely went haywired. eventhough at times i still think about the what ifs and do miss him, my overall being is still compassionate enough to wish him all the best in all that he do and that he will be happy.

last week on the other hand was filled with activities where i was meeting up with wan pin every other day ( hes a friend who is back from queensland, aussie just for chinese new year). late night movie ( 14 blades ) on tuesday, wednesday afternoon we hung out at 1 utama and ate delicious , friday we went for alena's birthday bash at mist club ( got us worried sick cause she fainted ). now that he has gone back , i wish him all the best for the coming year in aussie and that he would do well.

saturday night was a law alumni night in cheraton hotel , it was held by the university of malaya. the food wasnt great but i invited brigette and yuyi along for company and we three had fun dressing up . but thanks gurls for accompanying me and i did have fun with you :) hoepfully we can do more of this in the future.

sunday i met up with brigette again after church and hung out with her for some drinks and cakes in the afternoon in secret recipe ... love spending time with you dear ... hope we can do this when you do start your course at ACCA . definitely going to be hectic for you.
finally sunday night me and sis with my cousins went all the way to klang for a seafood dinner to celebrate chap goh meh. dinner at 5.30 man ... early right ?? haha we just wanted to avoid the crowds . the food was generally good but i think its definitely too far to go and eat there.
i guess thats all for now til then hear from me soon

Sunday, February 07, 2010

the weekend !!

hey readers ,

I was freaking excited this weekend . generally been in the upbeat eventhough yeah in the background there are the past things bothering me. but i actually did put them aside and really took an opportunity to enjoy myself properly .

Am thankful to my dear childhood friend Wei Li :) . You are the best babes ... I am seriously gonna miss you when you head back to Aussieland. I am so glad that we can still be great friends after all these years and i cant believe that its gonna be 17 years that we have been friends. definitely treasure it dearly to my heart. We both gotta keep in touch .. and do what we have said these holidays k... the trips ... the living together ( if we can ) and every other thing that we may experience life together .

We had a sesh ( drinking ) at a bar in bangsar called alexis. Let me see... if i can remember their names , there were only 3 guys anyway : Derek, Jack and Khin Hock. Charming guys and very gentleman of them not to drink at all and remained sober. loved the court story from Khin Hock it was really shocking to see it happen to someone our age. i mean i have read these stuff in newspapers and heard stories from friends about their friends but never herd it from an actual person's mouth. XD I do not want to lie one did intrigued me a lil with his charm and wit.

And yes teenstreeters out there who read my blog ! The base lessons that we learnt last year have been used in teaching sunday school today in my church to a bunch of primary four kids ! Praise the Lord that they were effective and the Kids were very intereactive.

guess thats all i have to write for now